tina v853-open SDK, camerademo make error

ERROR: package/subpackage/allwinner/vision/libAWIspApi failed to build.

Not supported。
But you can refer to this link to adapt:TinyVision 在线文档

if I take picture with ./camerademo, taken pictures too greenish, how can I fix green value ?

thanks a lot but I followed these steps then I met many other problems

I have WeChat but can’t signup this site https://pan.baidu.com/ for download, what can I do ? for register or download these materials from another place :pleading_face:, I dont know why I could’nt not signup, because I’m abroad person ?

I’m sorry, I didn’t take this into account, so you can refer to this link to download and use:Yuzukilizard/Software/sunxi-mpp at master · YuzukiHD/Yuzukilizard (github.com)